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Installation 01


Identify the door material and utilize the appropriate screw for metal or wood door mounting. 3M adhesive mount is also available.

Installation 02


Center the backing plate over the peephole. Assure that the backing plate is level.

Installation 03


Mark mounting holes to assure alignment during screw installation. It may be necessary to start the screw hole with a punch and hammer in some cases.

Be sure to mark both mount screw locations on the door.

Installation 04


Install screws. Be cautious as to not over tighten and damage backing plate.

Installation 05


Install body assembly by pressing into place over backing plate.

Installation 06


Press firmly into place. body assembly will "snap" into place.

Installation 07


Now that the peeperSTOPPER is installed, test its operation.

Press slide rod firmly to open and close view port.

Installation 08


Installation and testing completed! Please note that the view port is red when obstructed.